Sunday, January 23, 2011

Writing. Blogging. Posting. WTF?

Friends of mine are incredible.  They write/dance/perform/cook/INSERT SOMETHING HERE every day. Me, not so much.

Sure, I do the normal personal hygiene routine daily.  I get dressed.  I've even been keeping up with my FLYLADY challenges, and keeping my sink shiny almost every day.  Those things are great, but my creative side is feeling left out.

There are bunches of memes making the rounds on facebook and LiveJournal with a "post-a-day" theme.  Post a picture. Write something personal. Pick a colour. The subject matter isn't really important here, it's the fact that it's an everyday thing.  I know my limits, and I'm not an everyday kind of woman.  I can try for everyday, but when I don't keep up I start lambasting myself.  That's never a good or pretty thing.  Still, I see the merits of the everyday habit.

While I don't think I can handle everyday, and make it an everyday habit, I think I can make a 3x a week habit. Blogging 3x a week on whatever strikes my fancy.  Playing music 3x a week to keep me in good form, learning new tunes and songs and making sure old repertoire is still at my fingertips. This, I think, is do-able.

Speaking of writing, there are so many words for what this online stuff is.  It's writing. It's blogging. It's posting. Truthfully, I never know what to label it as.  When I think of blogs, I think of The Bloggess .When I think of writing, I think of Neil Gaiman.  When I think of posting, I think about what I put on my livejournal. They're all different, but the end result is the same: turning thoughts into words, getting them out of the brainpan and sharing them in some format.  I still don't have a clue what I should call it, though. :grin:

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