Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Thought and Memory

I saw You, watched you, as You
Splashed in a puddle.

It was Autumn, but not a crisp day.
It was wet, and the sky was split between
Sunny and Grey.

I saw You and Recognized You.
I've never seen you have fun;
Play when you think no one is watching.

It was quiet.
The sun-dappled leaves were heavy with rain.
None of that mattered though.
You were playing.

Hunkered down, water up to your chest,
You began to shake.
You dipped your head down, then threw the water
Over your back.

You were nattering on, or maybe singing,
I wasn't close enough to discern.
You were in your own world,
Not mine.

It made me smile, then I wondered where
Thought and Memory were.

I was there, in the moment,
As were You.
There was no past or future,
There was only Now.

I wondered if this was a vacation for you,
A respite from the responsibility of being You.
The thought flew from my head as quickly as it had come.

No questions.
No logic.
No past.
No future.
Now. It was just Now.
Enjoying the moment.


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