Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Something fantastical and musical

For the first time in months I took my fiddle, Lily, out to practice. I knew it wasn't going to be for more than 15 minutes, but I was going to practice.  I won't go into why I haven't been able to practice, lets just say Life can be a Bitch, but tonight I was going to re-embrace practicing and making music.

As soon as I lifted the case to my lap my daughter smiled a huge grin an said "Play Violin!"  She went on saying, "Help! Help bow! Play Violin!" For those who don't know, DB is 21 months old.  Over the past 4 months she's sat on my lap and "helped" me bow a few times, but tonight it really was something fantastical.

I played "A Bunch of Keys" and she was furious with me for not sitting down so she could help me.  I started the Eklundapolska, and she began crying. "Me You!Me You! Help Violin!"  I sat down at the end of the piece and she clambered into my lap.

She took my bow in her and and started to play on the strings while I put my fingers down for a D major scale.  I said,"Flat hair, honey. Remember to keep the hair on the bow flat" and she corrected her bowing. I moved her hand from a more fiddler bow hand (choking up on the stick) to the grip and she grasped it easily. We played for 15 minutes easy, and the only reason we stopped was because I realized the time was way past her normal bedtime.  She was not happy with me.  I promised her we'd practice again tomorrow.

Music has always been my lifeblood. Becoming a mother changed that, as my priorities changed.  DB is entranced by music. Mind you, she's heard it all her life, even before she was born.  She hears Celtic music and says "Mama Music", even if I'm not the one playing.  I have to wonder if music will be as intrinsic to her life as it is to mine. What I know, after tonight's experiment, is that I'll be able to incorporate practicing into my life again, and that I'll have help. This is truly something fantastical!


  1. :-D That makes Papa Joe smile!

  2. I think another violin should appear soon.

  3. Joe - it was really amazing!
    Charlie - When she's a little older, if the interest is still there, then there will be. :D



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