Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Placeholder... really...

Yup, just a placeholder.  Why?  'Cause this week is busy as all get out!  

Quick recap: DB and I got to AZRF and survived opening weekend. Survived really isn't a good word.  Opening weekend was made of awesomesauce.  The weather was wonderful, the crowds were really sweet and welcoming, and we had a ton of fun. This week we have student days, followed by a three-day-weekend as we're open on President's day.  Did I mention the being busy as all get out?

Yesterday was Lupercalia/Valentine's/Tuesday.  All in all it was a good day.  There were cards in the mail, food shopping with friends after work, and loads of music and camaraderie as we all played in the rain for most of the Student day.  

As for now, I need to do the last of the unpacking, put the pork chops in the oven, and get ready for our next Student day (tomorrow).

Check this space soon for updates! ;>



  1. I kind of wish we did AZ too :( Everyone seems so happy with it! Glad you are having such a good time!

  2. AZ is an amazing faire. I think you'd love it.



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