Thursday, July 5, 2012

When did it become July?

Finally getting my shit together and I realize that I've not posted here since February. 5 months ago.  This is what happens when I don't have reliable internet & feel like I can't take the time to write.  I had gotten very good at writing several times a week so I'd have things in the hopper to post.  Time to start that again, me'thinks.

Dear Gods, did I just say "me'thinks"? *sigh*  Lets recap and then look to the future....

Arizona was fantastic in a lot of ways and a little sucktastic in some ways.  There was a bit of a "come to Jesus" experience that I'll be writing about later. Suffice to say, there was a lot that I learned at AZRF.

DB and I spent 3 weeks in Texas at 4Winds.  It's a really sweet little faire, key word being little.  The faire has a ton of potential, and I'm hoping that the changes management is making for next year really help it turn the corner. I really enjoyed re-connecting with folks I'd not seen in close to 5 years.  I think DB had fun being able to spend all day, every day, with me.  Big learning experience for me at 4Winds was not having a nanny.  I'd not had my girl with me for a full festival day, while working, in a *long* time.  It was actually a lot harder now that she's older and far more mobile.

After Texas we were at VARF in Spotsylvania, VA. VARF is close enough to Itown that we went back and forth most every weekend. VARF was a blast.  I hadn't worked a full season at VARF since DB was born.  I took what I learned at AZRF, applied it to VARF and things went smashingly well.

Celtic Fling happened after VARF, and it was a BLAST.  Celtic Fling is a huge event at the PARF site, and I was thrilled to be in the company of some amazing bands (Barleyjuice, Tartanic, and Albannach to name a few). Fling is one of the few events I perform at where I'm not in garb, don't have an accent, and am not doing improv in the lanes. It's such an odd feeling for me being there, but I have a terrific time. I'm one of two bands that are listed as "Traditional", and I got a ton of complements from folks who were looking for trad music, not Celtic Rock, Celtic Punk, Celtic Not Traditional. It made me feel pretty good.

Since Fling I've played some private functions and weddings. SLO faire is in 3 weeks, then PARF hits in full force in August. The new show for this year is CRF  in October & November, and then I head to LARF in December.  I may have a few gigs in CT later this month, but I've not got confirmation of them yet.

What else is going on.
Lets see, DB is 3. I'm realizing how much I do not love this age. My sweet, mostly well behaved child, doesn't really have tantrums, doesn't scream or bite daughter is now a pod-person. OK, not really, but this is the first time she is actually being somewhat textbook with her behaviour. I really don't care for it. Seriously, Do.Not.Like.

We are now owned by 2 kitties.  Lyric and Mishka. Lyric, as some of you may know, was born at PARF. She's pudging out a bit, but I think that's because she's eating the "senior" food. Mishka is our new "baby".  After some debate, we think she's about 12. She was a stray found in AZ. She is a pure white Turkish Angora with one green eye and one blue eye.  She was found severely underweight (near skeletal). Through some odd turn of events she ended up with us.  She is an incredibly loving and tolerant kitty.  She and Lyric get along pretty well, and she is a great traveler. We really did luck out in that aspect. With as much traveling as we do, having 2 cats that are good travelers is amazing.

Kickstarter is on a slight hiatus. *sigh* Between my schedule and lack of internet, things are at a standstill.  My hope is to have everything up and running by August. Along that line, I'm shooting to have my Bandcamp up at the same time.  Fingers crossed...

NEW and SHINY, I have an account at Reverbnation  I am learning how to use it, but please check it out. :)  I've also got a new music project in the works, but it's Super Sekret right now!

My friend Hel introduced me to unfuck your habitat and my friend Becca introduced me to nirvanahq. Both sites have been increasingly helpful with managing my ADD. I highly recommend the sites to anyone looking for some help with organisation, ADD is not required. ;> I'm so late to the game with so many things. Today I made an account on Tumblr. I've linked this blog to that one, so now I'm on two platforms. Yeah, I'm technologically slow.

I just looked at the clock. It's way past pumpkin time, and I'm still awake.  Why am I still awake? This does not please me.  OTOH, lookit me making a long-ass blog post, and posting on multiple platforms. Go me.  Go me, right to bed. G'night, Moon.


  1. I'm sorry we missed you at VARF. The stars just weren't aligned for us this year methinks.


  2. So True. That's OK, we'll just have to make it work for PARF or CRF or next year. :HUGS:



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