Monday, August 20, 2012

PARF: Time Travelers (wknd 2)

 I meant to write this up last week, but was waylaid by migraines for most of that time which will make for a very short post about the 2nd weekend of the 2012 PA ren faire. 

What a difference the weather can make.  As opposed to opening weekend, the weather for Time Travelers weekend was magnificent. It was still warm, but I didn't feel like I was stewing in my own juices, if ya know what I mean. There was an actual BREEZE, which made everyone enjoy the weekend that much more.

This was the first ever Time Travelers weekend at PARF.  I have seen a lot of folks wear Steampunk garb to faires before, and while it's not my thing for a Renaissance festival, I will admit that I am a Steampunk fan.  Truthfully, I've always been a fan of Victorian garb, and the addition of gears and other things that turn it into Steampunk makes me squee.  I saw some pretty spectacular things this weekend in terms of Steampunk. There are some very creative people out there.  For those of you who didn't know, I'm also a Doctor Who fan from years past. I was tickled to see so many folks decked out as Doctors and Companions. There weren't as many of the older doctors as numbers 10 & 11, and there was at least one number 9.  For those of you who are curious, my Doctor is Tom Baker, followed by Christopher Eccleston.

Sunday was equally lovely weather wise.  Loads of Steampunkers, loads of Doctor's, and it was also Gay Day.   For those of you who have never been to the Finale at PARF, here's a clip from Sunday. It's pretty awesome and I think it capped the day quite nicely.

I feel the need to say how much I love what I do.  While I don't get to see those dearest to me as often as I'd like, I get to meet so many interesting people and see so many amazing places around the country.  I have made friends in nearly all 50 states, as well as different countries around the world.  I've driven across the US more than 6 times now, and am constantly taken back by the beauty I find.  In addition to all of this, I get to bring my daughter with me so she gets to experience these things as well.  There's no way I could do this without the support of so many of you out there.  Thank you all for helping me to continue doing what I love.


  1. Having worked 9 to 5 jobs my entire life, I envy you. I admire the choices and sacrifices you've made to live this life. I wish I'd had the courage to follow my dreams and use my talents. I know it's never too late, and in some small way I hope to realize some of those dreams. You're an inspiration!

  2. I guess I don't see it as courageous. I've done the 9-5 thing and I'm not good at it for the long haul. I love music. It's so important to who I am and what I do, and if I can share that with people... it makes me happy. I don't feel like an inspiration, but I thank you for the kind words.



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