Monday, January 28, 2013

New Music

I've decided that this year, 2013, is the year that I am going to learn some new music.

First on the list is "River's Jig" from Firefly. It's an actual trad tune, and how lucky am I that one of my dear's already knew the tune and taught it to me!  I'm a very happy camper about this.

Second on the list is Music from Tolkein. I have a book of Tolkein's songs and they are so lovely. I think they will translate really well to fiddle as well as voice.  I'm going to pick 3 tunes/songs to work on.

Third on the list are 10 tunes (generic Celtic) that people keep asking me to play.

Fourth on the list are Gypsy tunes. I am not going to go crazy (hahahh, too late ;>). I'm going to pick 4 tunes and work on them.

I think the next step will be to write down the names of the tunes/songs.... I guess I'd best do that before I pack all the books before we actually get on the road to AZRF, huh...

*crossposted at Fiddlemama on Tumblr.


  1. The trad name for River's Jig is "Sailor's Wife", sayeth our fiddler (we play it, as well).

  2. Yes. :) I keep forgetting the trad name for it, or misremembering the trad name as the Fisherman's Wife, but that's a song not a tune.

    I miss playing music with you, Mr.Man. :sigh: One of my favourite moments was at Scarby.... "Fiddler, Please!" :sigh: We need to play more, my friend.



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