Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stoking the fire

It's 5:50p in Apache Junction.  It's Wednesday.  I'm blogging.  I'm pretty happy about this. Of course, I've no clue what I want to blog about, but lets sojourn forward.

We're officially at the half-way point of the AZRF.  It's shocking, but true.  I'm enjoying being here.  I love this show.  The people (patrons, actors, musicians, staff & crafters) are wonderful.  The show itself is beautiful.  It's comfortable being here (at this time of year.  Don't even think about coming here when the hot weather shows up). And, as much as I adore the winter I am thrilled that DB and I have missed all the storms over the past month.  I'm not looking forward to going back to NY because I will miss everyone here  Still, I need to head back. There is so much to do in the next 4 weeks.  I'm applying for shows across the country.  I'm looking to book a number of new gigs (not just faires).

One of the reasons I've been out-of-sorts is because I'm trying to figure out the best way to combine all that I do.  In simple terms: Mama, Musician, Poet, Reiki Master. Of course, I've been working on this for a while, but it takes time.

The trailer is slowly becoming home, which is nice.  We're much more comfortable this year as compared to last year in Serenity.  There are so many storage spaces, that we're still not as unpacked as I'd like to be.  I just don't know the best place to put things.  This, of course, has led to some ADD triggers as there's a touch of clutter everywhere. Clutter Sucks.  Seriously.  I have my moments where I feel like my head will implode, but what helps me out a lot is DB.  Unasked for hugs and kisses.  Little songs. Conversations.  She really is incredible.  Don't just take my word for it, here's a picture from today. It's astounding to me that she'll be 2 years old at the end of March.
Mischievous Child

So the trailer is lovely, and we're making it more homey every day.  In addition to the clutter, I have 2 boxes of papers that are unsorted.  I think that's really what's throwing me into a tizzy.  Unsorted Paper is evil.  I know many of you won't believe me, but it's true.  It may not be as bad for you as High Fructose Corn Syrup or Cigarettes, but trust me, it's EVIL.  Today I made some headway and pulled the boxes down from the high shelf.  Now they can't hide.  Everything is in these boxes.  Gig info, CD info, bills, receipts.  All the important things I haven't dealt with yet. Now I have to take are of them.  OK, maybe not now.  Probably tomorrow.  The point is that I pulled them down.  It's the small victories that count.

And with that, it's time to made dinner, skype with friends, and head out to the Rescue Rally.


  1. I'm finding evernote really useful in dealing with all the random paper. I just scan stuff, throw it into evernote, and then I can search it later. That's all it takes, which is nice.

  2. Evernote. What is this evernote that you speak of? I will need to check it out!!



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