Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Home & space

We've been home just a week now.  The trip cross country was pretty amazing, and I need to write about it.  I'm not sure how I feel being home.  I miss my Faire Family on the road.  I missed my ITown family while we were gone.  It's a give-and-take.

I feel like there is so much to do and not really a lot of time to do it.  The next officially booked show is VARF at the end of May, but I'm looking for more gigs.  I'm always looking for more gigs. :grin:

I will say that it's pretty awesome to watch DB run around the house and have more room to stretch her legs than when we're living in the Winne. That's probably one of the things that's really hitting me right now. There's so much SPACE. A separate room to priv, to cook dinner, to relax, to sleep, to play... it's CRAZY how much room there is here. :grin:

This is a pretty short post as DB is ready for snuggles and bed time. Bye Bye, Everyone! (for now!)

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