Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PARF: Hero's of the Realm (wknd 6)

Hero's of the Realm weekend. That was several weeks ago. *sigh* Details will be scarce. Hopefully I'll remember more than "It was wet". :grin:

One of the big changes this weekend was my only playing at the Rose instead of playing there and at the Ball & Chain.  I really like playing up at the Ball & Chain, but it was a bit odd being the only non-bawdy act on that stage. It's not like I could even do a bawdy show, because my show was not "asterik'd". I bet you dollars to donuts that if I did anything remotely off colour there would have been fall-out.  I know that most of the audiences I had there understood that I couldn't do a dirty show, and for the most part the audiences seemed to appreciate my humour and the music.

I love the Rose stage. It's a small stage, and makes for a very intimate (but not dirty!) show.  It made me really glad that most of the folks who came to my Ball & Chain show came to my 2p show at the Rose.

For those of you who aren't familiar with PARF, there are quite a few stages.  The larger ones are Swashbuckler, Boar's Head & the Globe. I consider the Ball & Chain, Endgame and O'Malley's the medium size stages, and Jacob's Garden and The Rose the small stages.  There are also different platforms around the grounds, like at the Rusty Scupper, and of course the Gazebo at the front gate. None of the small stages are amplified, which has its pros and cons. While I really like this fact, and have heard nothing but good things from patrons about this, it's a little hard to compete with the medium size stages which are amplified. I bring this up only because at my 2p show I happen to be going head-to-head with the wonderful pipe/drum band Tartanic.

I love Tartanic. They're my neighbors at AZRF. The band members are sweet and fun. I have nothing bad to say about them at all. Really. There is one thing about Tartanic, and that's the fact that they are loud. It's pipes and drums, so it's not like this is a surprise. However, when we have head-to-head shows it's a little hard to hear little ol' me. :grin: After a couple of conversations with the band, I came up with a grand solution to this "problem".  I have yet to employ this solution, so I can't write about it in detail. I wouldn't want to give it away. ;>  Suffice to say, come Scottish Weekend (wknd 8) my plans will come to fruition! Are you curious? Yeah? Come to the 2p show at the Rose! :grin:

I know there were migraines during this weekend. Unhappy, angry, ouchy migraines.

This was the last weekend I played Jimmy, the crotchety old-man fiddle I'd been borrowing from a friend.

So, umm.... yeah... Wknd 6: there was weather, there were migraines, there was a change in stages, and a fantastic idea about how to "compete" with bagpipes & drums.  Onto weekend 7!

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  1. Ooh, I will be there Scottish weekend! I love Tartantic too and I saw you for the first time back on Time Travelers Weekend : )



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