Friday, September 14, 2012


Oh, the blur of time & space. Or the blur of a week filled with ADD moments. This week was a bit of both. Today is Friday. Not just Friday, but OMG IT'S FRIDAY!!!  Today is the get ready to travel to PARF for the weekend day. I'm tired & a little cranky & so no ready to travel yet.

My head feels stuffed, which is not a great feeling. (Stuffed with things to do, not stuffed with sickness.) I'm getting back into the swing of things, and being mostly migraine free this week was a huge help, but the ADD triggers are firing on all cylinders.  CRF is just around the corner and boy is there a lot to do before we leave. UFYH has been a huge help.

Maybe I can catch up on blog posts this weekend... You know, in all my spare time....

Speaking of this weekend, it's Pirate Weekend at PARF!  I'll be sure to look for all the Capt'n Jack Sparrows and give a head count at the end of the weekend. If you're going to PARF please come by my shows and say hi. :)  I'll be tearing it up at the Rose Stage at 2p and 4:30, having fun at opening Gazebo and Pubsing (5:30 at O'Malley's Pour House) and playing in the lanes.

OK, time to pull up my stripey socks (did I mention Pirate weekend?), drink some more coffee & get my tuchas in gear. Go Team Me!


  1. Any chance that you will ever play Bad Romance for my delighted ears and perverse longings?

  2. Of course! How about when you visit PARF?



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